Have you ever wished that there was someone who would just tell you the truth? Someone who could explain everything, and show you the way? Well, here I am at your service.

Are you open minded? Are you mature enough, no matter how young or old you are, to be able to think for yourself? Are you capable of questioning everything, in search of the truth? Can you handle that truth? Do you care about your life, the lives of others, and all other forms of life in our world? Do you care about your children’s lives and their futures. 

Are you willing to take responsibility for your life and do whatever is humanly possible to make a difference in our world? If so I am here to show you the way, and how to do it; while avoiding the pitfalls, of all the lies, and deceptions, you will face along the way. These lies and deceptions are used to prevent you from becoming an aware, conscious, and enlightened master of your own life and destiny. They are designed and developed to keep you in a continuous state of ignorance of the truth; trapped in a destructive paradigm that is killing our world. 

Empowered by the truth, knowledge, and natural-wisdom of nature, you will be able to change your life, and become part of The People’s Movement, to Help Save Our World. 

This will be the most challenging self-transforming journey you will ever undertake, with the most rewarding purpose, which is to serve yourself and all others. As we travel towards the enlightened Age of Reason. Where we all live healthy, happy, and sustainable lives, together, in love, balance, and harmony with all of Nature. 


This is a LIFE AND DEATH call out to you!
“TO BE OR NOT TO BE?” William Shakespeare. LIFE or EXTINCTION?
If you do not heed this call, HUMANITY and ALL LIFE ON EARTH WILL NOT SURVIVE!

The Big Why:
Our World is in Big Trouble!

That includes you, me, all life, and the planetary environment. If you are unaware of what is happening to our world, and all life on this planet, let me briefly let you in on some of the most glaring issues; all of which are easily observable, if you just look, do the research, and follow the trends that are happening all around us. Most of which is caused by human behavior.

I show you all of this, to show you the gravity of our situation, not to upset you. It is just very important to know what is happening, to empower you with the truth, so you can see what you can do about it, and to motivate you to change. 


Less than 20% of the world’s Natural Forests remain. Deforestation is the beginning of the end of sustainable life on this planet. It affects the oxygen we breathe, the rainfall, the habitat, soil-erosion, desertification, global warming, loss of biodiversity… Without the trees we will not survive the ecological collapses that follow. And yet we build cities as if their is no end to the supply of “wood-products”

Mass Extinction

We have the highest extinction rate since the Dinosaurs, and it is mainly caused by mankind! 

We have the power to transform our world and it all begins with our thoughts, choices, and actions!

Soil Erosion

Topsoil Erosion, Eric Verso December 9, 2015, Stanford University, “With the world population projected to grow to 9.6 billion people by 2050,…”Cornell ecology professor David Pimenel, “Soil erosion is second only to population growth as the biggest environmental problem the world faces. Yet, the problem, which is growing ever more critical, is being ignored because who gets excited about dirt?” “In fact, some experts fear that the world will run out of usable topsoil to grow food within 60 years.”

We still have a chance if we act now!

Change our way of life and we change the world!

Global Warming

The Greater the rise in atmospheric and ocean temperatures, the more frequent and extreme the major weather events. This also coincides with more extreme earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. The balances of nature are becoming more and more imbalanced. 

All of which can be solved with a paradigm shift.


“Two thirds of the world is desertifying”

Alan Savory

Desertification is the result of man’s actions which are mainly based on: his values and beliefs; ignorance; global warming; deforestation; poorly managed grazing; burning of grasslands; poor agricultural techniques; lack of knowledge about how ecosystems function in the long term; plundering for short-term profits – without long term planning; taking without putting back; devaluation of nature and the commons… water and wind erosion all result in desertification. 

“We can re-green our semi-desert and desert regions with large, managed herds, of domesticated animals. While improving their quality of life at the same time. Over grazing need not be the problem; it could be one of the  solutions”

Over Population

7.6 Billion in 2018 and growing exponentially in number. At this rate unless we change our way of life, we will not survive. 

These great numbers could be part of the greatest solution, instead of being part of the problem.

Never before in the history of life on earth has life had such great potential to transform our world.

Loss of Essential Biodiversity and Habitat

Pollinators like bees are key-stone species. Without cross-pollination we will not survive. NO INSECTS, NO POLLINATION, NO FOOD; MEANS DEATH AND EXTINCTION. With the use of agribusinesses poisons, herbicides, and pesticides, the variety/biodiversity of plant, insect, and animal life is being wiped out. So we will soon follow. 

Mankind has forgotten that: Life is composed out of very complex, deeply connected, intimate giving and receiving relationships. We are all expressions of the complex ecosystems within them. The greater the complexity of ecosystems, the greater the chances of survival. Either we are contributing to the perpetuation of life or we are destroying it.


Ocean plastic is just one of many very serious forms of pollution. Some forms of pollution are just more visible than others. 

What we do to our lands, our air, and our waters we do to ourselves. 

Would you do this to your body? Well the earth and all of it’s environment is what composes us. Everything we assimilate into our beings; the air we breathe, the water we drink, the nutrients we absorb, the food we eat, the energy we absorb from our surroundings, all affect our quality of life.

Harm Mother Nature and you harm yourself, all life, and your children. Ask yourself: “What am I going to do differently today to Help Save Our World?”

Agribusiness is poisoning our World.

Agribusiness practices like; their unnaturally large mono-culture crops, and our lifestyles, are two of the most destructive forces on our planet today.

Begin to change this with the power of your choices, actions, and  purchases. Grow your own food, or come together as communities to grow your food together… Improve your health and relationships with one another and the land at the same time.

Technology could be mankind's greatest asset or it could be it's most destructive force.

“By 2050 there will be no more commercial fishing in the oceans of the world!”

Dr. David Suzuki - Ecologist.

Cruelty to Animals

Human cruelty has no bounds. We have lost our empathy, compassion, and consideration for life. We have devalued life into ‘products’ for consumption.

Any normal human being will find it extremely upsetting to see this. And yet people who buy and eat meat are the reason this continues to happen. 

I was once told: “It’s only business” as if that was a reasonable justification for mans behavior. Knowing what is happening, you will be less inclined to choose to eat meat.

Change your way of life and you change the world!


Wars are started out of greed. They are fought out of Ignorance. Driven by blind belief, patriotism, and segregation; all for the benefit of a few.

How and when did we lose our compassion for one another?

Systems of extraction, consumption, and centralization of wealth and power

Money; Trade; Capitalism Stock Exchanges; Roads; Bridges; Rail-Roads; Trains; Transport; Cars; Trucks; Earth moving and Mining Equipment; Planes…; Technology; Power stations; Mining; Agribusiness;  War machines; Human ‘civilizations’; Empires-pyramid-schemes… All Institutions; which are grown from a false sense of who and what we are and what our purpose in life should be. Standing on a foundation of institutionalized negative and destructive values and beliefs. Into which we are schooled, domesticated and indoctrinated; so we know no other way of life. Our normal is killing us, and our world around us, and we do not know it is happening; or that we are a big part of the problems. Knowing the truth about who we are, what we are, where we come from, and where we are going is essential to living, happy, healthy, and sustainable lives on Planet Earth.


Is that all of the above are just symptoms of a much more sinister cause!


We, city dwelling, consuming, dependent, empire building, wage slaves, are all intentionally infected by a THOUGHT PLAGUE. A train of thought; which is racing us towards the CLIFF OF EXTINCTION!


This THOUGHT PLAGUE is a train of thought, designed as a PYRAMID-SCHEME, to centralize control and enslave all of humanity, and to use them to centralize wealth and power in the hands of a few. 

Now, we should all know that pyramid-schemes are, continuous growth systems, in a limited world, and are therefore unsustainable. 

So, while we play the game, it is killing our world, and racing all of us towards the cliff of extinction! 

Our fundamental purpose of life should be to perpetuate life, and not to destroy it!

Yes, you  are wasting your time and energy if you are just; being positive, working hard within the system; while wishing, hoping, praying, dreaming or believing that someone else will fix it all. Are you waiting for that perfect new president, who promises you a new world, and fundamental change, and are excited about voting him in. LOL! Or are you waiting for some imagined god in the sky who will save you from the problems we all face. Or are you just existing for life after death?  

I am sorry but it is time to wake up! Let me let you in on a secret: “No gods, no presidents, no governments, no lottery, and no philanthropists are going to save us.” Only we, yes YOU, ME, and the rest of HUMANITY can save us, or destroy us. True, fundamental change, is all only choices away. 

(Yes by all means, vote to choose the best alternative or to slow down problem escalation; but know that one president will not fix our world. The system is the problem at a fundamental level and all of the way throughout it’s design. And yes, there are many ways of achieving change, and a political solution is only one possible solution. Which can only be achieved with the opposition of the masses. For this we need a motivated populous who is educated into the necessity of a paradigm shift and is part of that movement) 


They don’t want you to know that; while you are unaware and uninformed, they control you; with their world killing and destroying paradigm; systems of force; and their pyramid-schemes. Which are all designed for the absolute centralization of wealth and power, for the benefit of the few, in the short term.

If  you were well informed, and empowered with the truth, knowledge, and wisdom of nature and the universe, instead of being blind-sighted, by this world destroying system, you might just start thinking for yourself and choose to live your life differently.

Didn’t someone say; “The truth will set you free?” “Wow! What a revolutionary thought!” If those in power lost control over us, we might just think for ourselves and make the responsible choices? Everyone empowered by independent thought and reason may appear to be in a state of anarchy, disorder, and beyond control to those who control us. But it would actually be the turning point in awakening for humanity. No more secrets and no more lies. This would be the world saving moment, when humanity begins to move together towards, THE AGE OF REASON.

Given the choice, I believe the majority of humans, would make the right choices. I also believe in life, and taking responsibility for our lives, and all life on this planet; if we wish to survive and thrive. We need to work together for the good of all life and our future.

Living by the truth and natural-wisdom which we teach here, you might just become self-empowered. Empowered by the ability to think and choose for yourself; you will naturally change your way of life. From dependence on a destructive controlling institutions, to independence from it. Free thought, free mind, free from, the controlling gang logic of world plundering pyramid-schemes and their controlling institutions.

The right choice will transform your whole way of life. It will empower you, your children, and others with this truth, awareness, consciousness, knowledge and natural-wisdom. This will lead to you healing yourself and our world. Thus together we will manifest an abundant, healthy, happy, and sustainable future.

Unfortunately for those in power, this would mean that you would stop believing their abstract ideas, lies, and deceptions. You would stop supporting their world destroying institutions, thus they would lose their power and control over you.

Not having your personal energy, and money, to power their planetary plundering, and destruction, there would be no more wars, against the voiceless ones, for example – the indigenous cultures of the world, nature, and all life. Without you, me, and the rest of humanity supporting them, most of the world’s problems would grind to a halt. 

If humanity learned the alternative sustainable way of thinking and life, and began their transformation-journey, we would all live in love, balance, and harmony with nature, we would all thrive in a healthy, happy, and sustainable world.

Yes they will not give up their wealth and power easily, they will manipulate the truth, tell lies, create all sorts of 9-11 type events to distract us and force us back into fear, ignorance, and patriotism. Don’t fall for it. 

If threatened, run and return if necessary, and start again. Never give up hope, never stop trying.

This is a non-violent people’s movement for fundamental change; to ensure a future for all life on this our home planet; without which we are all destined for extreme suffering and finally extinction.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Although I am very positive about life and I have great hope for the future, I look at this city scene and see unhappiness, sickness, weakness, ill health, depression, planetary destruction, unsustainable living.

You tell me after living like this for a while, how you feel, compared with living a healthy happy and sustainable life out in nature for a while. Only then will you see what I see. For all of mankind's ingenuity, and 'cleverness' he is such a fool.




Our Help Save Our World Movement's purpose is to show, guide, and teach, you and the rest of humanity; how to permanently transition from this Age of Ignorance to The Age of Reason. Changing your and their way of life, to living simple, happy, healthy, and sustainable lives. In a world where we all live in love, balance, and harmony, with one another, and all of nature.

Choose Your journey

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee. 

All funds received for these courses are to be used to fund this Help Save Our World Movement; and to bring about fundamental change in our world.  The purpose is to create a Transitional People’s Movement, while empowering you, and the rest of humanity with the knowledge, skills and wisdom to live happy, healthy, and sustainable lives, in love, balance, and harmony with all life on Mother Earth. It’s purpose is to guide, teach and train you into all of the natural skills and wisdom that mankind has forgotten and to become masters of our own lives; while regrowing life all around us. Bringing you and the rest of humanity back into happy, healthy, relationships, in harmony with one another, and all of nature. 

The design of this education system is not only to empower humanity with their basic human rights to; land, food, water, truth, knowledge, and wisdom; which we have been taken from us and we have been schooled out of knowing, into a state of ignorance. It is about learning how to transition to living in healthy, happy, sustainable teaching eco-villages in thriving and abundant communities.  

The short term use of money to spread this wisdom is just a temporary solution, we are using to convert the ignorant destructive paradigm, into a love based logical, reasonable, enlightened and sustainable one as quickly as possible. It’s purpose is also to empower all life to be able to live in a sustainable thriving world. This transitional movement is based on a paradigm shift; so your support in anyway will be greatly appreciated and will be used for the benefit of all of humanity, all life, and all of mother nature.

The free program and the Membership Program excluded; all of the other courses are required to be done in the order in which they are presented for complete understanding. Together they represent a comprehensive journey of seeking, searching, or questing or  for the truth. Once you have discovered this truth, it creates unease within you. So you will be forced to undergo personal change, to once again regain balance and live true to yourself. These changes eventually result in comprehensive personal transformation, which eventually leads to mastery of your life. Heal yourself and your will naturally heal the world around you in the process. 

If you do not think, question, find the truth and change the way you think, behave and live your life, you change nothing, as a result you will suffer the consequences. These consequences in this age mean, progressively more and more suffering until ultimate extinction. This will happen in the very near future, as a result of the collapsing of all natural and unnatural systems. No empire is sustainable. They all collapse when they cannot grow anymore. 

Is our world destined to become another lifeless Ester Island? The choice is yours.