What can we do?

Here is a list of things you can do. 


They really need to be done, in the order they are presented below, as you grow.

  1. For more information PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE: www.helpsaveourworld.org
  2. Then click on a ‘JOIN THE MOVEMENT’ button. This will take you to a registration page. There you can enter your name and email address, and tell us what you are interested in and want to know about.
  3. Next, You can request to a FREE CONSULTATION, for one hour on Skype or Zoom, or depending upon how many people there are, a 2 hour group Skype session, so we can connect, and share where we are at and explain in detail how we can help one another. Or, join our weekly group, where I present a talk, followed by a question and answer session.
  4. By SHARING our CONTACT INFORMATION, we can keep in touch and connect when we need to. As a thank you for giving us this privilege, sending us your name and email address, we will also send you, a FREE 200 plus list of things you can do to make a difference in your life and our world. We will also send you other important information: either, emails, blog posts, pdf, or audio/video recordings. Or life changing guidance, on your Heroines or Heros Journey of change.
  5. At this point you can decide to help by MAKING A DONATION. Once off; monthly; or a large donation; to this world saving and people transforming cause; which is all about ensuring we manifest a better future.
  6. The next step is to BECOME A MEMBER.(paying a monthly subscription) When you do this, you will receive a free digital copy of Denis’ ebook: Gifts – Giving and receiving we maintain the balances of life. And 200 plus things you can start to do now if you have not already received it. You will also receive updates on the movement. Plus you will receive: Topics under discussion, leading you through your heroine’s or hero’s journey; which will be presented once every two weeks. With how to practice/apply it to your life. You will also become a member of our FaceBook Members community.
  7. Next: Do our advanced accelerated courses: BEYOND THE AGE OF IGNORANCE (Part 1) and THE QUEST FOR THE TRUTH (Part 2). And become a member of The Exclusive BTAOI Facebook community. This is a forum for: posting insights, asking questions, receiving answers and discussions on the concepts contained within the course, and sharing of information.
  8. Or you can choose to HELP IN OTHER WAYS: with your time energy and effort to do the basic tasks which the organization needs to do to succeed, like: Information organization/Data Processing; website building, marketing, promotion, photography, video, editing and creating and posting on media…Marketing… Organizing and planning events.

There will be many courses which follow this.

  1. The next step is to do: THE FEMININE REVOLUTION Course; which is a journey of reading through the book and Q&A. You will receive a free digital copy of this book; so we can work through this together. You will also become a member of the inner circle of this exclusive FaceBook community.
  2. MASTERMIND Group Gatherings.
  3. INFORMAL RETREATS: where we live our way of thinking.
  5. GETAWAYS to Sustainable Teaching Ecovillages
  6. LIVING IN a Sustainable Teaching Ecovillage. Living and learning… It takes a tribe to raise your children.
  7. And much much more.
  8. The idea is to teach all sorts of courses which take this system to another level of application; Natural Agriculture; Permaculture; Polly Culture; Natural medicine and healing; Energy healing;

Natural health; Edible plants; Herbal medicines… Unconventional, natural healing modalities.



Beyond the age of ignorance - the quest for the truth

Your Quest for the Truth, The Answers to Life's Eternal Questions, Awareness, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Natural-Wisdom, Self Improvement, Transformation, Life's Mastery and World Saving Courses.

If you are interested in transforming your life and helping to save our world in the process, then click on the link and we will contact you, personally to have a one on one chat with you. There is no risk to contacting us, all you will do is benefit from the interaction. I ask for nothing more than to talk to you, for half an hour, to an hour; so we can connect and share. Treat the call like you are talking to your best friend. I ask only that I can make an offer at the end of our conversation; which you are not required to take me up on. The advantage of having this time to talk is, you will learn a great deal for free. I look forward to hearing from you.

If we agree to a plan to work together for a period of time, it will cost me time and money, for which I have to charge. 

This course will challenge your core values and beliefs in every way. In many ways it might upset you really badly; because the truth is really hard to hear sometimes.

It is very important that we decide before hand that we are a great fit; because their will be no refunds, because all funds received for these courses are to be used to fund this Help Save Our World Movement; and to bring about fundamental change in our world.  

The Help Save Our World movement’s purpose is to create a Transitional People’s Movement, to bring about fundamental change in our world.

The purpose of: The Beyond The Age of Ignorance and The Quest For The Truth courses are to empower you, and the rest of humanity with the knowledge, skills, and wisdom to live, wise, enlightened, happy, healthy, and sustainable lives, in love, balance, and harmony with all life on Mother Earth. 

The course’s purposes are to guide, teach and train you into all of the natural skills and wisdom that mankind has forgotten and to become masters of our own lives; while regrowing life all around us. Bringing you and the rest of humanity back into happy, healthy, relationships, in harmony with one another, and all of nature. 

The design of this education system is not only to empower humanity with their basic human rights to; land, food, water, truth, knowledge, and wisdom; which we have been taken from us and we have been schooled out of knowing, into a state of ignorance. It is about learning how to transition to living in healthy, happy, sustainable teaching eco-villages in thriving and abundant communities.  

The short term use of money to spread this wisdom is just a temporary solution, which we are using to convert the ignorant destructive paradigm, into a love based logical, reasonable, enlightened, and sustainable one, as quickly as possible. It’s purpose is also to empower all life to be able to live in a sustainable thriving world. 

This transitional movement is based on a paradigm shift; so your support in anyway will be greatly appreciated and will be used for the benefit of all of humanity, all life, and all of mother nature.

For complete understanding, all of the books should be read, and the natural wisdom courses done, in the order they are presented. Together they represent a comprehensive journey of seeking, searching, or questing or  for the truth. 

Once you have discovered this truth, it creates unease within you. So you will be forced to undergo personal change, to once again regain balance and live true to yourself. These changes eventually result in comprehensive personal transformation, which eventually leads to mastery of your life. Heal yourself and your will naturally heal the world around you through the process. 

If you do not think, question, find the truth and change the way you think, behave and live your life, you change nothing; as a result you will suffer the consequences. These consequences in this age mean, progressively more and more suffering until ultimate extinction. This will happen in the very near future, as a result of the collapsing of all natural and unnatural systems. No empire is sustainable. They all collapse when they cannot expand and plunder anymore. 

Is our world destined to become another lifeless Easter Island? 

The choice is yours. 

beyond the age of ignorance - The quest for the truth

Beyond the age of Ignorance.

They are done as two separate Events. The Starting Dates To be announced.

The purpose of these two course segments, Beyond The Age of Ignorance and The Quest for The Truth, is to take you on Your Personal and Life Transforming Journey. To empower you with awareness, consciousness, enlightenment, and natural wisdom. It is a journey back to you, your true essence, and back to nature. Improving your relationships with yourself, others, and all of nature. It is also your journey back to, health, and happiness. It is also your journey to empower yourself with the truth knowledge and wisdom of yourself, nature and the universe. It is ultimately your journey to heal yourself, your children, others, all life and our world; because our modern way of life is killing us, all life, and destroying our natural world; which we all depend upon for survival.

From the moment a child is lead into a classroom and separated from nature and forced to sit still, and forced to learn a totally abstract, unsustainable, and unnatural way of life. It is schooled, taught, indoctrinated, and domesticated, into subservience to male dominated power. Destroying the child's natural relationships with others, and all of nature. Driving a wedge between them, teaching them to become, competitive, individualistic, selfish, consumers, striving to be the best at no matter what the expense to others and nature. Making them unhealthy, and unfit to survive in the natural world; without the natural knowledge and wisdom, movement, and play which is essential for their healthy development. From then onwards the child is subjected to a process of leading them away from who they naturally are into an abstract, disconnected state of ignorance, detached from themselves and the natural wisdom of life and our world. Becoming totally dependent on an unnatural way of life which is killing the natural world; which the child will depend upon for life itself. The question is: What are we preparing the child for? Wage slavery in an abstract unsustainable system which is killing our world. Shouldn't we not rather be teaching them how live healthy happy lives and how to create a sustainable future which they would love to live in.

This two part course is the journey back to you

It must be obvious by now, that we cannot survive without the balances of nature; which we are driving towards extinction with our way of life. And yet here we are racing on an abstract disconnected unaware, unconscious, train of thought and behavior towards the cliff of extinction. For how long do we believe the unbelievable? For how long are we going to ignore the obvious truths and natural wisdom all around us? For how long are we going to ignore the disastrous trends happening all around us? Before we decide to grow up, and be mature adults, who take responsibility for our lives.

Scientists have been warning us for a long time now, and almost no one has been listening. Nature has been screeming out to us and no-one seems to be paying attention or listening to her.

We have now run out of time, and many natural ecosystems are either dying or are already dead, and we have only our generation left to make a difference.

So we either change now, or we suffer and die. No one else is going to save us, only we can make a difference, if we choose to try.

Changing our way of life is the only sustainable real solution there is to solve the problems of the world.
We do this by: Taking your children out of government indoctrination systems called schools and teaching them to read and write and then doing this course and everything related to it is your only chance of providing them with a future.

You might have noticed your body calling to you back into balance, lose weight, eat properly, drink water, move, dance play become fit and healthy, or the call of nature, when you have been working long and hard in cities. Out of the blue, you have this great desire to take a camping holiday, out in the middle of the bush somewhere. Or the call to travel and see other cultures and ways of life, when you have been studying excessively.

Or you have an extreme experience, which forces you to awaken and rethink your life. Like a near death experience. An extreme state of depression and or near suicide. A close brush with death from a life threatening illness. Or someone close to you dies, and this totally ulters the way you think and see life. Before you know it, you are on a life transforming journey, and your life is never the same again. The switch was flicked.

At that moment, you have no you have no idea where to go, what to do, and how to do it. You just have a feeling that something needs to change. If you remain true to your essence your would find your way. However there are many traps and lies and deceptions along the way which are specifically designed to missguide you for the benefit of others. Throughout this system I empower you to become your best self for you, your children, and our world.

The modern way of life operates against these natural tendencies. It is designed to perpetuate the destructive paradigm. From your conditioned parents to, peer group pressure, to schooling systems, who are forcing you to get degrees, get a job, chase money, possessions, consume, get the house the cars and the picket fence. All of which is making you sicker and more unhealthy, depressed, stressed, anxious... all of this dis ease driving you to an early grave.

Where your natural self and intuition is calling you away from that way of life. This is nature's and your natural balancing system calling you back into alignment with life itself; to ensure that the flow of the energy of life goes on.

Our modern society forces us to ignore that intuition and work harder, achieve abstract success, become more efficient and effective; constantly chasing that illusive-buck, making others richer and more powerful. All the time we are becoming more unhealthy, sicker, weaker, more dependent upon the system that is killing us and our world. It is time to awaken.

Life is about:
living or moving, in love, (in happy healthy, and sustainable relationships); in balance; and in harmony with the flow of life itself.

Just like balancing on a tightrope across a gorge; we need to keep on moving/living and striving to achieve balance, as we move in harmony with the tightrope of the flow of life. If we fall too far to one side or the other we fall to our death. We are all out there and need to realign ourselves back into moving in love, balance, and harmony with ourselves, and the flow of life, and nature to be able to survive and thrive.

If we live by love we will not harm, we will rather plant seeds, spread biodiversity, nurture, and protect nature; the purpose of life is to ensure that life goes on; not destroy all life, as we are doing with our modern 'civilized' way of life.

It is the essential preparations before the journey. The evaluation of where we are at in our lives. Seeing the world in the state it is in, what is happening all around us, realizing that things are getting worse at an exponentially accelerating rate. How they are affecting us and what we can do about it. Then cultivating the desire to do something about it. Then gathering the right skills and tools we will need for the journey. Mental preparation. Creating a vision of the future we want.

Then heading out on THE QUEST FOR THE TRUTH Part of the course.
Is an awakening journey back into alignment with your flow of life, and nature. Questioning and finding the truth brings you to, awareness, awakening your consciousness, teaching you the natural wisdom of nature, finding out who you are, what you are, where you come from, and where you are going; the purpose and meaning of life; the answers to life's eternal questions... This, and so much more, is uncovered by going on your guided personal quest for the truth.

Through this process you will progressively change your way of life. Until you achieve a total transformation of your whole way of life. Transformed from who you were. In the process you will ensure you live a healthy, happy, and sustainable life; while you thrive. As an added benefit you naturally transform the world you manifest around you. Through dedicated effort you will also become become a master teacher of life itself. Empowered with this truth and wisdom you will show and guide others to transform their way of life.

All of humanity, embracing these changes, will result in us transforming our world together.

Fundamental change begins with you and me, our children, and the rest of humanity.

So take responsibility for your life and our world. Stop pointing fingers at others if you are not willing to transform your own life first.

And "Be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi.

Yes, this journey is for you, and it does not require that you be a brain surgeon, all you have to be is open-minded, willing to go there, and willing to change as you learn the truth. It is ultimately very simple. We all intuitively know the truth, and most honest people will acknowledge it when they see or hear it.

These teachings are proven teachings in many people's lives; and are based on the major lessons learned on Denis' lifelong personal quest for the truth and the book he wrote titled: Beyond The Age Of Ignorance - The Quest For The Truth. Sections of the book will be released each week of the course to expand your perceptions, thoughts, ideas, and understanding of the big picture of life from many different perspectives.


Begins in the darkness of This Age of Ignorance; we begin your journey with knowing that something is wrong; but not knowing exactly what it is and what to do about it.

Requirements/Open mindedness; open to reconsider all previous values and beliefs, and use research, life's experiences, and reasonable logic to uncover the truth. What are your Intentions? Do you have a passionate desire to know the truth? Are your life, and values and beliefs based on love? Are you willing to acquire the skills, knowledge and wisdom no matter where it takes you? Are you interested in personal growth, health, and happiness? Are you willing to give up all stimulants, drinking, and all forms of drugs? Do you wish to become a master of your own life, and a role model for others?

We also begin with a dream future vision:
A dream of a happy healthy and sustainable future world in an age of reason/beyond this age of ignorance. Living in sustainable decentralized guiding and teaching eco-villages. As well as living empowered with the truth, awareness, consciousness, enlightenment, and natural-wisdom, as free thinking independent masters of our own lives.

As we begin questioning we soon realize that humans are the cause of human problems. Then we soon realize that we cannot point fingers and judge others until we go on our personal journey of change; our quest for the truth.

Your heroin's/hero's journey, is composed of chapters/section, showing your journey to enlightenment, and the non-physical beyond this reality. It begins with the non-visible Infra-red showing the darkness of this age of ignorance and the intuitive knowingness that something is not right within us, and the beginnings in that darkness towards the light. The quest begins in full force with Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; Indigo; and Violet. The colours that make up white light. Then Ultra-violet is the final chapter which deals with the non-physical and the afterlife and so much more.

Is about Self: This is your personal quest for the truth change and transformation. Here we look at many different concepts; which reveal: The answers to many of life's eternal questions. Who we are; what we are; where we come from and where we are going? These begin with the most simple and obvious concepts, to forgotten natural wisdom, to physics and the nature of everything and the universe. Through this process we become aware, conscious, and uncover a natural wisdom that has always existed. We go through many lessons that reveal the truth about life and help us make the necessary changes to our thoughts and behaviors, for ourselves and our world.

Is about: Thought, Mind, Unconscious, subconsciousness, consciousness, Thought Predispositions, Values and beliefs, basic perceptions, Observers perspective...

Looks into and what is wrong and right with Religions - emotion, thought, mind, and body control systems. Systems of power. Pyramid schemes. Values and beliefs. The Torah, The bible, the history of how it all came about, many questions answered. How can a philosophy that portrays it self to be so good be so bad? Contradiction, biased ideas, fabrication, lies, and deceptions...

Looks at other thought and behavior control systems: Parents, Peer group, Schooling, universities, governments, media, business/corporations...

Looks at Physics and the Sciences/Theories/Predispositions... Values and Beliefs... biased ideas, thought predispositions, omissions, untruths, lies and deceptions.

Puts together many of the realizations so far and comes up with new perceptions and theories of reality. Movement, vibrations, waves, cause and effect, connectivity, giving and receiving. Love balance and harmony... Light, Time, and Space, Celestial movements... Planetary development...

Is about how we should live in this world based on this new way of thinking. The answers within the garden... The Natural Wisdom of Nature

Life after death? Reincarnation? Understanding of other concepts like: Astrology, mental telepathy, Premonitions, Messages from Guides... Discussions.

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