The introduction to:

The Quest for The Truth and Transformation to 

Help Save Our World.

Throughout my life, I  was passionately driven to Help Save Our World. (I’m not saying I did not lose my way many times; because I did.) 

Seeing the obviously disastrous trends happening in our world, I wanted to know why. 

Then I soon realized that modern humans’ way of life was killing our world. Just by living their lives, they were racing all life, at an accelerating rate, towards the cliff of extinction! 

This book is about: the beginnings of my ‘spiritual’/Essential Energy/Energy Essence, journey of questioning the status quo, in search of the truth and my personal transformation. I began by finding the truth, to be able to guide and empower others, to Help Save Our World. I knew I could do this by showing them the truth. Then showing them what they could do about it. In this way I could begin healing and transforming the hearts and minds of humanity and showing them how to change their lives.

I soon realized though, that I couldn’t judge, or point fingers at others; unless I transformed my own life first. So I set out on my own personal quest for the truth, change, and eventual transformation. 

So Beyond The Age of Ignorance, The Quest for The Truth, began with my desire to Help Save The World. Then it became my personal journey of questioning, research, thought, realizations, acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. This resulted in me changing my whole way of life, as I became more aware, consciously connected, healthy, and enlightened. 

Having travelled a long way on this journey I soon realized that me changing alone was not enough. I also realized that I cannot force anyone else to change. That was only a decision they could make, and they would have to travel the journey like an emerging butterfly themselves, to truly transform their lives. All I could do is plant the seeds of thought, show them by taking them on thought journeys, and guiding them safely.  

I soon also realized that people were beginning to see me as being: “Out There!” They were finding it more and more difficult to hear me and understand me. So I decided to reach out a hand, across the divide, the gap between me, and others. To show them what had learned, and how they too could do the same. It is with this in mind that I am reaching out my hand to you, across the growing divide between us, to show you the way to an abundant, happy, healthy, and sustainable future. I do this to empower you with the truth, to be able to transform your life, while healing your body, mind, consciousness and lifestyle; thus empowering you to make a real difference in our world. 

I do this because I have travelled this journey, of questioning, for 60 years of my life. Throughout this process, I have uncovered and discovered much truth and transformed my own life; I have also shared with huge numbers of other people, as well as having had profound healing effects on many people’s lives; thus I know how to quest, what are the important questions and why. I have acquired, and continuing to acquire the knowledge, skills, and wisdom; which we all need to change our way of life and then to transition into, a happy, healthy, abundant, and sustainable way of life.

Embracing the obvious truths, insights, skills, knowledge, wisdom, and state of being, makes us well equipped to deal with the obstacles along the way. So we will, more effectively, be able to sense where there are imbalances because we are aware of the symptoms and causes. If we know what is causing the problems, we have the ability to rectify the situation, or do things differently to prevent it from happening again.

This book is now about you becoming a happy, healthy, mature adult of your life-cycle and doing what you intuitively know to be the right thing to do. I’m showing you the truth and motivating you, to be a better you, so that you can change your way of thinking and being. Then leading by example and sharing; you, me, and the rest of humanity, can create a sustainable future for all life on this planet.

This is done by changing the way we all think, our subconscious programming, our values and beliefs, this will change how we behave in this world; thus we change the world we individually manifest around us. By teaching this to others, we will eventually change the whole world together.

Have you ever wondered why our world continues towards disaster? Why do we continue to suffer from our many problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, negative voices in our heads, bipolar-disorders, manic-disorders, alcoholism, drug addictions…crime, violence, wars, deforestation, climate change, extreme weather, abnormal shifting of the earth’s crust, etc. While, the rich get richer and more powerful and the poor get poorer and more disempowered. Much of it only continues to get worse because we are dealing with the symptoms and not the causes of our world’s problems.

Our way of life is designed around fear so we tend to ignore the causes and take a pill, or a glass of wine, to deal with the symptoms. Thus, we continue to be controlled by the few who divide us, spread hatred, and plunder our natural world with money, technology, and wars. Why not just see what the causes are, and change them, so we don’t live like that anymore?

Awareness of the truth enables you to recognize the lies, when you see or hear them. Applying the knowledge and wisdom, you will gain acquire from reading this book, will empower you to make a real difference in our world. It has taken me a lifetime of lessons to understand as much as i do, about the truth, about the why and how, and to discover solutions to humanity’s and the world’s problems.

Seldom, do any of us become aware enough of the many subtly hidden processes. This is due to the way we are schooled or taught to ignore the blatantly obvious truth.

We are dissuaded from thinking and questioning, and persuaded and indoctrinated to blindly belief in the system; which is set up to be a distraction, indoctrination, conditioning, government propaganda, religious indoctrination, a journey of domestication, to dumb the population down into a conditioned cheap-labour force and military resource. Taking us away from open-minded thought and reason, away from real awareness, and consciousness, away from being fully awake, and truly living our lives. This system’s domestication makes us unconscious and unable to see, hear, or speak the truth. To change this, we have to shift our attention and intentions towards knowing the truth and living by it.

In my writings, I share my experiences and lessons, which I’ve learned through thinking and question what came to mind. I did this because I could not blindly believe anything. I began avoiding propaganda as much as possible (avoiding reading and watching mass media: newspapers; propaganda TV; and movies).

If I did, for some reason, get caught up in watching or reading something not productive to my new way of life, it was amazing how uneasy my awareness of this type of infotainment made me feel, and how I could immediately see through it.

The propaganda, lies, and deception are even subtly woven into seemingly innocuous movies which indoctrinate the unaware and uncritical observer.

This developing age is the age of the natural, thinking, compassionate women and men. This is the age of thinkers, dreamers, and nurturers. We need to lead again from a foundation of love, nurturing, caring, and relationship building.

As you journey, you will eventually realize we all have little to no choice, but to go on our own personal quest towards the truth and transform our lifestyles. You will begin to appreciate the importance of your own journey towards awareness, and your own awakening to your true essence. This will be followed by, a new found respect for our world and life on it!

You will become more tuned in, with the collective consciousness, necessary for our survival. You will also become empowered, to connect with the wisdom of the universe, which brings about so much enlightenment. Eventually we will collectively, be aware of why we are unnecessarily suffering more and more, and how we unnecessarily continue toward extinction.

It is time to open your eyes, and get off the mind controlled train of thought (the thought plague) which is accelerating its rush towards the cliff of extinction.

I went on many remaking myself journeys; learning a way of life then changing directions; creating a new challenge, a new direction, constantly putting myself out there, and learning a new way of life. In this way challenging myself to learn and grow. Each time I did so, it gave me a new perspective, and new way of thinking and seeing things. It did not make my life easy for me, it made life very challenging. However, this is one of the many techniques of expanding my mind and world view; because, remaining comfortable does not help you grow, your insight, and wisdom. It gives you a false sense of security. And putting yourself out there, and going beyond your comfort zone, is where life and accelerated learning, and personal growth happens.

Being very intuitively connected throughout my life, I have been very aware of me being guided and protected; while constantly being pulled back into alignment with the flow of life, love, balance, and harmony. I have been constantly guided and challenged to learn and grow. When I did not listen to my intuition, I would suffer more and more extreme consequences; until I did eventually make the necessary changes. These guiding, insights, nudges, and pushes took me to near death on quite a few occasions.

At times I even heard very clear loud voices in my head who intervened to save my life. I was saved from a car bomb explosion, by being told to take a different route to work when I was a teacher, to avoid the explosion. This only happens in extreme occasions to protect my life, otherwise my guides would not directly intervene, in my life.