Elementor #2057

MANKIND'S MISTAKES, In the Big Picture of Time.

I think of the mistakes made by man and the existential problems we face in our world now. Like: domestication; overgrazing; monoculture farming; slash and burn; burning for grazing lands; plowing/tilling; poisoning herbicides pesticides neonicotinoids; annual planting of the same crops – lack of crop rotation; deforestation; soil erosion; degradation of topsoil; taking and not putting back; culling – of megafauna; and other animals across the planet; overfishing; misuse of technology to abuse mother nature, and other humans and life; not maintaining and protecting ecosystems; coral reefs; oceans; damming of rivers – the veins of the continents; centralization of humanity; monopolization of everything; taking more than we need; private property ownership; schooling; religions; blind-belief; indoctrination; distraction…

Then I think of people’s inability to see the big picture over time. Nor can they see the consequences of what may seem to be small actions, over time. Then the choice to ignore what is obviously happening all around them.

Their inability to think that:

“If I do it once it is a very insignificant problem,

Then to think: “How often we do it in a day.”

And: “If I do it for my whole life, it becomes a much more significant problem.”

Then: “If the majority of the population of the earth does it throughout their lives it is an enormous problem.”

Even worse: “If that problem is repeated generation after generation; it can become a world transforming problem.”

Our very existence depends upon us seeing and realizing the importance of every single thing we think say and do. What effects it has on our environment. Then choosing an alternative thing to do; hopefully that choice will have a lasting positive effect on our world/environment; to ensure a happy, healthy, and sustainable future.

This is about living, experiencing, traveling, observing, researching, and seeing the trends; then taking responsibility for your life and actions. Then Transforming your life to Help Save Our World.

Denis The Teacher

Visionary, Public Speaker, Teacher, Author, and Creator of the Natural philosophy/Natural Godless Religion: DenisM

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